Philippe Rębosz

born in 1989, Suresnes. Graduate of the Faculty of Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.
In 2013 defended MA thesis in the studio of profe-ssor Leon Tarasewicz and doctor hab. Paweł Susid.  Manly activities focus on paiting.
Work and live in Berlin and Warsaw.





2017 “Kafkaesk” // Wizytująca Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2017 “ABS_2067” // Salon Akademii Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2017 “Piękne śmieci” // Gallery FF, Lodz, Poland
2015 “Beyond Control” // Gallery Carol53, Bucharest, Romania
2014 “Outdoor with Miłosz” // Headquarters of the Polish National Bank PKO BP, Warsaw, Poland
2013 “Notation of Catharsis” // Spokojna 15 Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2013 “Tension decompressed” // Modern Art Gallery GaGa, Warsaw, Poland
2013 “The looks!” // Gallery Nowa Przestrzeń AHE ART, Lodz, Poland
2011 “OWOW XIII” – “Common Area/Private Area”, Prague, Czech
2016 “Wyraź siebie” | ”Ekspress yourself” – “Outdoor” // rehabilitation of prisoners in Prison in Siedlce, Poland
2014 “Outdoor with Milosz” // Outdoor realized by Leon Tarasewicz and Polish Bank PKO BP, Sejny, Poland